Investigate the reasons for non-fulfillment o the government’s plan to issue technical services sector of the construction industry 

Shahid Beheshti Universitry (SBU)



Engineering and technical service is one of the main pillars of economic development in countries today. It’s a set of methods and tools that provides the possibility of preparation of goods and services in the communities by efficient use of recourses and factors of production including investment, raw materials, and manpower. Offering technical and engineering service can be enclosed in a country border or find other countries to international markers.

The evaluation of technical and engineering services has turned a lot in so high speed of change that management in the construction sector is the most basic concern of the government program.

Despite the government’s developing program, the trend of export in technical and engineering services has been declining in the years of 1380-1390. In order to identify the factors, according to the Delphi process, a list of 30 items was collected. Next a study population consisted of 108 managers and engineering associated with this service have been assessed to find out the ranking.

Then the factors analysis of exploratory titles was conducted on the items and 5 more general factors were extracted from it, “knowledge”, “culture”, “capabilities on export of services in countries”, “looking to the future”, and “management”. Finally, the current state of each factor was evaluated through T-Student Test by comparing the importance of each of the current state.

In final conclusion, the factors such as political stability, technology development programs, sanctions, effective management, the provision of liquidity, quality issue and standardization have the greatest impact on the non-fulfillment of the governments plans to export technical and engineering services in the area of construction industry.



Engineering and technical service, government’s developing program, construction

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